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In vitro R&D service platform

In vivo drug efficacy research and development service platform

Diabetes drug efficacy research and development service platform

Lanly Bioscience
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Lanly Bioscience was founded in August 2020. It is a one-stop biomedical comprehensive organization integrating preclinical efficacy evaluation, in vitro tumor pharmacology, DMPK, Non-GLP toxicology experiments, pharmacological risk assessment and other services. The team has a wealth of practical experience and successful case experience, which will be able to effectively help customers avoid risks in a scientific and reasonable manner. Lanli Bio has advanced scientific research capabilities and scientific research models in the industry, as well as advanced biomedical research and development capabilities and technologies, which can integrate technical resources in the industry.


Analyze the history of drug research and development from actual drug efficacy to principle of action
Even with such advanced technology today, the process of developing a new drug is extremely difficult. It takes about 20 years from research and development to the final launch of the drug, and the average cost is about 1.5 billion U.S. dollars...
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What have you experienced in drug development for more than 100 years?
In the history of drug research and development for more than 100 years, there have not only been breakthroughs and progress in drug research and development such as "the greatest invention of World War II" penicillin and the "magic drug" Gleevec, but also many problems including Alzheimer's have not been overcome...
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AI blessing, drug research and development opens up a new path of "fast and economical"
Recently, at the "AI+Medical" to Digital Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges Forum, Kai-Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Innovation Works, said: "In terms of medical innovation, a big bottleneck is that there are so many people capable of inventing new drugs.....
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Lanly Bioscience
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