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Mouse xenograft model

In vivo pharmacology

Mouse xenograft model


The humanized PBMC mouse model constructed by injecting adult PBMC cells into immunodeficient mice can quickly establish relevant tumor immunity models for research on mature human T cells.

Towei Biosciences cooperated with Weitong Lihua to use the NOG-dKO mice introduced by Weitong Lihua (NOG-MHC I/II-2 KO, NOD.Cg-B2mem1Tac Prkdcscid H2-Ab1tm1Doi Il2rgtm1Sug/JicTac) to construct PBMC human Sourced mouse transplanted tumor model.

Establish a PBMC humanized mouse xenograft model in commonly used NOG or NSG mice, usually after 4-5 weeks, more obvious GvHD can be observed, but after PBMC inoculation in NOG-dKO mice, GvHD occurs The time of treatment was significantly delayed to about 12 weeks, the administration window and tumor survival period were significantly prolonged, and the tumor growth rate was more stable.

Topway Bio has built a variety of oncology models, welcome to consult.

A375 xenograft in PBMC-humanized mouse

HCT116 xenograft in PBMC-humanized mouse

Jeko-1 xenograft in PBMC-humanized mouse

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