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Cytology experiment

In vitro pharmacology

Cytology experiment


Lanly Bioscience currently has 200+ tumor cell lines, and the cell bank is still expanding. All of Topway's cells are identified by STR and ensure that all STRs are >90%, and regular mycoplasma testing is performed to ensure that the cells are healthy and pollution-free.

The cytology experiments we can carry out include:

Cell proliferation experiment

PK-guided cell proliferation experiments

Cell cycle analysis

Combination study

Cell signaling pathway analysis

Cytokine analysis

Research on Mechanism of Action (MoA)

Compound elution experiment (wash-out experiment)

Barcoded Ba/F3 stable transkinase cell line

CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing

Screening of tumor cell lines derived from iPSC

Analysis and identification of Biomarker based on cell screening

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