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Immunology experiment

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Immunology experiment


As a simple biological reaction system, immunological experiments can accurately reflect the ability of the compound to be evaluated to inhibit or activate specific enzymes. Although the enzymatic reaction system is simple, developing an enzymatic system that can be used to evaluate compounds is still full of challenges.

For the development and verification of an enzyme experiment, the following steps are usually required:

Confirm the appropriate substrate and determine the range of linear relationship between reaction signal and enzyme concentration

Choose the appropriate reaction volume (microplate) and optimize the reaction buffer

Determination of Michaelis constant to determine ATP concentration

Reaction kinetics determination

Method validation using reference compounds

Further optimize and verify the method during the project

At Topway Bio, we will optimize each enzymatic method according to the above steps. For more specific content, please refer to Enzymology Method Development and Verification (link to technical resources section)

Enzymology experiment throughput can be 96-well plate or 384-well plate screening.

Reaction types include TR-FRET/HTFR, Alpha-screen, AlphaLISA, Transcreener assay, ADP-Glo™ Kinase Assay, etc.

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