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Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (CVMD)

Non-human primate obesity model

The non-human primate model of spontaneous obesity is the current animal model for predicting human metabolic syndrome. We provide spontaneous and feed-induced non-human primate models to advance your metabolic disorder research and drug development process.

Non-human primate model of spontaneous diabetes

Learn about our collection of spontaneously diabetic non-human primates (currently a type 2 diabetes animal model with more clinical translation capabilities) and how our pre-clinical CVMD translational medicine technology platform can help you complete clinical translation.


Breast cancer

Learn about our comprehensive breast cancer cell lines, cell line-derived allograft models and highly predictive human tumor xenograft models (PDX) and our immuno-oncology models.


Learn about the EGFR TKI-resistant HCC827 cell line model with c-MET amplification (one of the established EGFR kinase inhibitor TKI resistance mechanisms) developed by Sino-American Crown Biotechnology.

HER2 amplification in gastric cancer

Learn about our comprehensive platform for HER2 amplified gastric cancer evaluation, including well-studied drug development resources for PDX, PDX-derived cell lines and related allograft models.

HuTrial™ case study

Sino-American Crown provides a series of diverse mouse clinical trials, using our PDX model to accelerate the development and verification of biomarkers and gene signatures for predicting the clinical efficacy of test drugs.

In vivo immuno-oncology

Understand the Sino-US Crown Bio-in vivo immunotherapy translational medicine technology platform consisting of CAR-T therapy, a sound human and mouse-derived immune system platform, and a new system for evaluating targeted human-specific immunotherapy

Resistance model

Understanding various resistance mechanisms is essential for the development of more effective treatments. Our application guide covers the spontaneously resistant PDX and cell line-derived allograft models and induced resistance of targeted therapeutic drugs. model

Prostate cancer

Learn about our comprehensive prostate cancer platform, including the development of difficult-to-establish PDX models of prostate cancer.

Small cell lung cancer (SCLC)

Using about 70 small cell PDX models we have collected, we can provide HuTrial case studies of small cell lung cancer that have been fully researched and validated and in vivo pharmacological studies.


Learn why Studylog® is the best animal experiment workflow for conducting multiple, large-scale, multi-center HuTrials experiments.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)

Learn the detailed introduction of a series of TNBC research platforms (including more than 20 PDX model collections) of Sino-American Crown Biotechnology in this field.

Translational Oncology

Learn how our fully integrated translational oncology platform can reduce the risk of your treatment plan entering the clinic: use PDX models to screen and find biomarkers and genetic signatures that layer patients.

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