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Rodent model

Diabetes model

Rodent model


Traditional and unique patented type 2 diabetes model

Using in vivo methods to measure glucose and insulin levels is the gold standard for testing your hypoglycemic compounds. Sino-American Crown Biosciences can analyze the content of sugar and insulin in the circulatory system by the following methods.

Single-point measurement using blood glucose meter.

Continuous telemetry monitoring

Glucose and insulin tolerance test

Detect insulin by ELISA

Quantify insulin resistance with the hyperglycemic clamp test

Sino-American Crown Bio fully understands your need to be consistent with historical research data, so we can provide any commercially available rodent models of type 2 diabetes with single gene mutations:

ZDF and ZSF-1 rats

db/db and ob/ob mice

Our cardiovascular and metabolic disease conversion technology platform also provides our highly convertible patented model of type 2 diabetes.

FATZO mouse

ZDSD rat

The FATZO mouse model and the ZDSD rat model are multi-gene metabolic disorders models that spontaneously produce metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes. Compared with the leptin/leptin receptor mutation model, these models are closer to the human situation. Both models are sensitive to hypoglycemic therapy and provide highly transformable models for the evaluation of hypoglycemic efficacy.

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